4 Golden Rules to Live By

I came across this post on LinkedIn that was appropriated from a Facebook post that was titled “RULES FOR MY SON.” It moved me to share my perspective on some of these rules. #1. Act like you’ve been there before (especially in the end zone) This is a football reference. Show up as if you […]

The Truth About Today’s College Career Prep

So, I am a bit skeptical about some universities and colleges’ career services. I am concerned that some individuals working in that space are not doing their due diligence to provide the best career advice. For example, students have told me that they were urged by career counselors at their school to major in Criminal […]

Elevating Your People Will Build a Solid Foundation for Your Success

After 34 years of law enforcement service with the FBI and being a student of leadership, I learned the importance of elevating people for success. Throughout my FBI career serving in executive-level roles, the ground was fertile for learning how to promote employees to another level. It was gratifying to provide tools to elevate them […]

Life Lessons from “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

While I loved “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” I have to say that Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on A Hot Tin Roof” is the greatest film ever…ever.  Yeah, I said it!  That movie just stretched me out.  I just love it.  Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman were amazing in portraying a married couple in a strained relationship […]