The Truth About Today’s College Career Prep

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So, I am a bit skeptical about some universities and colleges’ career services. I am concerned that some individuals working in that space are not doing their due diligence to provide the best career advice. For example, students have told me that they were urged by career counselors at their school to major in Criminal Justice to become an FBI Special Agent. Criminal Justice is not an area of study that the FBI gets jazzed up about during the recruitment process. The FBI wants candidates to bring something to the table to enhance the FBI’s investigative and intelligence mission. Criminal Justice does not cut it. I would suggest that students change their major or enhance their undergraduate degree with a master’s degree in an area the FBI was focused. If you can learn a “critical” second language…DO IT!!! It would be best if you stood out from the pack…a pack of more than 11,000 applicants. Again, bring something to the table.

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