Golden Rules to Live By

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I came across this post on LinkedIn that was appropriated from a Facebook post that was titled “RULES FOR MY SON.” It moved me to share my perspective on some of these rules. 

#1. Act like you've been there before (especially in the end zone)

This is a football reference. Show up as if you belong. Demonstrate confidence or be intentional about becoming more confident in everything you do. Visualize yourself in that place you want to be.  

#2. Request a late checkout.

I love the flexibility of the late checkout. Having that extra time to get it together, not rushing, and staying focused.

#3. When entrusted with a secret, keep it

This rule reminded me of how I felt when I told a friend’s secret in high school and how it got back to my friend. I immediately took accountability. I thought quickly on my feet and turned the truth into a lie. I went back to the individual to whom I had told the secret. I sternly told him that what I shared with him was not true. I added that he broke my confidence and shared information that was not “true,” and they owed my friend an apology. Well, my friend received a call from the person I told, and he apologized profusely. It was the last secret I ever told.

#4. Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas

This rule resonated with me. Take care of other people’s stuff even when you don’t take care of your stuff. Show your appreciation to people that help you.

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