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With more than 34 years of federal law enforcement experience, Rhonda M. Glover has the experience, profile and diversity to transform the careers and workforce of today’s legal professionals.


With 34 years of service in the federal government, which includes more than 18 years of leadership and management experience, Rhonda has amassed the capability to design a full professional development program for your company.


Rhonda understands the importance of diversity and how being open to different viewpoints can shift your company in a direction that could lead to sustainability and growth.


Rhonda’s varied investigative background and human resources experience has positioned her as a subject matter expert on the importance of onboarding management and investing in the development of employees to build a foundation for success.

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An investment in your workforce is an investment in your business

A culture of training and development can increase workforce productivity and engagement.  Training and development should be at the core of your company as it is an investment in the professional growth of your workforce.  Having your workforce lasered on the mission of your company creates an atmosphere focused on what is most important.


While you think about your mission, don’t forget your people

Coaching gets the best out of people.  It is a resource that all organizations need as a part of employee investment.  An organization with a coaching culture is an organization that recognizes the power of workforce professional development.


Elevating your people will build a solid foundation for your business success

Onboarding is not orientation. Onboarding is the first step in the development of new employees, and it begins when the employee is selected to be a part of your company’s work family. Onboarding makes the employee feel valued and accepted in your organization. Rhonda’s expertise in the development of an onboarding program for your company will change how you bring new employees on board.

Rhonda M. Glover
Rhonda M. Glover
Partner & CEO

Meet Rhonda M. Glover

Certified Professional Coach | Certified Career Coach | Certified Youth, Parent and Family Coach | Certified in EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence) 

Rhonda has over 34 years of experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has 18 years of leadership and management experience with the agency. She has a keen ability to balance the concern for individual workers and organizational interests. Her passion for developing recruitment strategies for a workforce and implementing standard operating procedures to achieve mission goals is optimum for any organization.  

Her strong advocacy for professional development and recognizing the importance of allowing personnel the freedom to explore innovative ideas and express creativity is essential in achieving an organization’s mission, goals, and strategies. Rhonda’s approach to training and development can enhance any organization’s efforts. 

I was frustrated with the lack of mentoring I was receiving from my supervisor. Rhonda helped me realized that (1) mentoring isn’t a skill that everyone masters and (2) I may need to find the mentorship through other leadership at my job. I’m sure if I didn’t speak with her, my emotions would have impacted my work life. My work crisis was averted after we talked, and I’m now on a mission to find a qualified technical mentor/peer at my job.

– Marlude

Organizational Affiliations…

Rhonda teaches best practices for onboarding and managing top-performing employees.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the actions of its members.

~Coretta Scott King

With more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise we develop training programs that expand the impact of law enforcement in the community.

Programs Include:

  • Solutions for a Safer Society
  • Youth and Community Engagement Best Practices for Law Enforcement
  • Youth Conference Development
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